When you’re too important for “use both lanes until the merge point”

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  1. The problem is that he doesn’t understand the zipper merge. That driver thinks he’s a hero. He thinks he’s blocking those no good drivers from passing by using both lanes. Here in Minnesota, it’s very uncommon to see both lanes being used correctly. It’s almost cultural that when you’re directed to merge, you should do so immediately rather than use both lanes and zipper merge.

    My dad once side-swiped a car that was attempting to merge at the last second. He thought he should have merged earlier. He was willing to prove his point. My dad is not a good driver.

  2. Nope … just cant record in landscape for a landscape setting. Like we want to see your dashboard and hood, and we have no interest as to what’s happening on the left and right of your lane. ….idiot #2.

  3. That could be to help prevent the a*holes who wait until the last second to merge over, rather than merging earlier and waiting their turn from getting in. I absolutely do the same thing as the guy in the pickup, intentionally.

  4. Zippering doesn’t really exist in America. It’s just two lanes of people rushing to get through first.

    He’s probably been that guy in the through lane that people in the closing lane won’t let in a few too many times.

  5. ‘Stand your ground’ apparently applies to all personal spaces including several meters around your vehicle OR is he trying to enforce the merge/save his space all while sitting in his truck yelling None shall pass!!! None shall pass!!!

  6. One of my biggest pet peeves on the road, people wanting to merge early in rush hour traffic. All it accomplishes is that the other cars in their lane skip one ahead, and now your lane has to let in 1 extra car. While at the same time wasting space in the merging lane that could’ve had cars occupying it.

    It’s really innocent and I think 99% of the time done with the best intentions (merging early so it doesn’t look like you try to get ahead), but at the same time it’s infuriating, lol.

  7. On a two lane that’s not so bad, the peeps that see it coming for miles and don’t merge and then expect to move to the front of the line caused this, the driver in question has been fucked too many times by ass hats.

    Last min mergers make it worse actually.

  8. Man I had a slightly dangerous encounter a few months back. On a 2-lane road, there was a merge about a mile down the road from where I was and the entire left lane was clear while the right lane was pretty densely packed. I kept driving down the left and about a half-mile before the merge, an SUV pulled a quarter into my lane to block me. I drove around them (safely) and kept going, and a few seconds later a large construction truck pulled out in front of me to block me as well. This truck didn’t give me much time to react though, and I had to slam on my brakes. I couldn’t go around them either. So the truck and I sat in the right lane, going the same speed as the left lane, for another 30 seconds until we got to the merge point.

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