Well, he doesn’t have a gun NOW

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Well, he doesn't have a gun NOW

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  1. "Sure he bought the gun. Loaded the gun. Chambered a round. Turned the safety off. Pointed the gun at someone. Pulled the trigger. Pulled the trigger again. Pulled the trigger again. Ran up and kicked the corpse. Pulled the trigger again. Spat on the corpse… But he said "I’m not going to shoot you" after the second bullet wound so he’s clearly innocent."

    This is their defense in a nutshell.

  2. Pretty much happens dozens of times a year in America.

    This is a perfect parallel to a police officer who shoots someone. There are certain times when this is allowed, and times it is not. If the shooting is allowed, you can’t prosecute them even after they are no longer a police officer. If it was not, their police status is not a factor.

    What you have to prove is that what they did was not allowed.

    Is a President allowed to be incite a riot or not.

  3. "Sure, I very loudly talked about how there may be a fire in the theater, so I could get a better seat, but only the crazy people believed there was actually a fire and stampeded, on their own, mostly because the Democrats had a fire several months ago, and I clearly can’t be held accountable because I didn’t even get to see the movie and I’m not in the theater anymore!"

  4. I don’t like Trump I wish that he would get convicted. That being said if we have seen anything from Republicans recently it is that the only things that they care about are big corporations and Trumps base. They will not do anything to upset them.

    I see this this as a pathway for the left to hold power maybe 8 years. That being said a lot of talk has been thrown about policy that Biden wants to do. I hope he does all of it. I hope that it does not get jammed up and with Democrats holding the House and Senate it passes.

    I don’t want to see 2 years of control wasted

  5. “Our client was pulled over for running a red light and the officer caught it, But he wasn’t running it when he got pulled over so he can’t give him a ticket.”

  6. Imagine there being literal video evidence of Trump calling for his supporters to "peacefully and patriotically" protest. Now imagine being so manipulated by media that you hear that as a call to violence. This applies to both those that rioted in January and those seeking to impeach on a trumped up charge of inciting a riot.

  7. Lol when will people start to understand that when your co-conspirators on the fucking jury it doesn’t matter if you’re guilty? Trump could walk into the senate chambers and scream at the top of his lungs he’s guilty while taking a massive dump on Mcconnell’s face and they still wouldn’t convict.

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