we don’t hire blacks

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  1. I had a similar experience in Korea, and when I mention it in Reddit people are like , "NO YOURE LYING"

    People really need to understand that a lot of these ethnically homogeneous countries are racist as fuck.

  2. I took Chinese 101 in college and got paired with a Chinese TA once a week for lessons. She messaged me like a year later offering $150 for an hour of work.

    She was connected with another Chinese guy here in the US on an investment visa, they were buying foreclosed properties, reselling, etc. The company exclusively hired Chinese students in the US. My job was to sit at a desk and click on images of properties when Wells Fargo people came to the office for meetings. They paid me and another white girl to sit around to make the operation look more diverse.

  3. I have an aunt-in-law who is Taiwanese (not native, so Chinese ancestry) who lives in Japan. They are openly racist against her there. It’s a problem in a lot more than China.

  4. This is expose on racism, i worked for seven Chinese company and i concur all Chinese company is racist, and the more Chinese a company is the the more racist they are – him


    Also this is no an excuse for them, but to understand this, you should know he is working for HR for teaching English. why this is relevant? because of local culture. basically teaching is mostly a local thing and in asia, they are still highly homogenous unlike the west, having white teacher is status symbol of being a reputable international school and not just some uni student start up. white teacher is the stereotype of English/American that speak native English. Black people is more associated with Africa.


    My friends when to China to teach English for a year, one of them is Chinese but born in UK, one of the is white. despite my Chinese friend being about to speak Chinese and English fluently, They told him directly he would be paid less because they are looking for white teacher to attract students, parent would brag they can afford good school with professional English(white) teacher to other parent.


    This is not even a Chinese thing, i would bet you Korean/Japan or anywhere Asia being the same

  5. My mother was a "stay at home mom" for over 20 years. So she brushed up on her degree and started applying for jobs when I was 16. One company interviewed her, but rejected her application. Their explanations was that she "wasn’t perky enough". That’s code for ‘she’s too old’ in American parlance. American companies can’t discriminate based on age. But "perky" isn’t exactly age discrimination.

    Two months later, the company called and asked if she was still available. Evidently, the company hired someone in her 20s…. their version of "perky". Well, "perky" got "preggy" and quit so she could stay at home with the child.

    These days, if the interviewer asks an older woman why they should hire her, she should always mention that she’s done having kids and can devote herself to the company instead of getting pregnant, racking up massive medical insurance claims, taking weeks off at a time, costing the company maternity leave, and potentially quitting to raise children.

    Also: everyone I’ve listened to who spent much time in China all say the same thing – Chinese are massively supremacist.

  6. I lived in China for over a decade. They really care about trivial things when they hire. The ads they post often say something along the lines of, hiring waiter/waitress, at least 160cm if female and 175 if male, must look reasonable, etc. I have even seen an ad that says they prefer waiters who can play basketball.

  7. I quit a Chinese company recently for other horrendous reasons. But this is 100% true.

    Working there was a trip to hell affected my mental health and my marriage terribly. These are Chinese companies in the US damn it and they have NO respect for the rules, let alone basic human decency of equality.

  8. This is a major problem also in the entertainment industry. Hollywood the last 10 years has had to craft its offerings to meet the Chinese market because of its size. It’s not just their state censors that are a problem. Chinese audiences don’t want American/Western media with black/colored people in it. They expect to see white people only and thus those productions are generally more profitable/sustainable.

    Many "people" might want to point out "how dare I criticize another culture". Sorry, but no culture is beyond reproach or criticism. China has a huge problem with race.

  9. Before opportunists hijack this comment section to talk down on Asian-Americans and individual Asian people, as is so often the case on Reddit (where the justified disdain for the CCP still encourages ignoramuses to vilify western Asian people), let me take a moment to stop them from speaking for us.

    For the record–young, generally leftist Asian-American children of immigrants are also frustrated by the racist attitudes displayed by the older generations (my parents included) as well as in East Asian countries. Part of this has to do with the diverse nature of the US, but that doesn’t nullify the rampant problem of East Asian racism and/or racism outside the US, which then of course bleeds into immigration (though children of immigrants tend to be dramatically more progressive/"woke" than the parents). I gotta state this, or else someone will try to talk for "all Asians", and I’m pretty sick of it.

    You probably want us to fight this. Yes, there are various ways to confront the issue and we’re working on it. Most often we confront the issue whenever we try speak to our parents about the recent civic unrest and they say something ridiculously ignorant.

  10. Language schools, English ones in Asia especially, are honestly just scummy in general. They’ll hire people just based on their image ala the video then often times trap people and hold their visa renewal or even their passports hostage. Worked one day on the reverse end, at a Japanese language school in Japan doing admin work, and the first task I was given was literally to commit visa fraud to get a student in.

  11. Oh man this rings true. I had an analogous experience in Japan. I lived in there for a year, and I could not believe the racist shit I saw. Especially when you get out of Tokyo.

    I remember being in Sapporo and seeing a convenience store selling a line of hard alcohols. Each one had a racist, caricature drawing of the ethnicity associated with that booze, drunk AF. So, scotch had the Scottish guy, red-faced in tartans, drunk AF. Vodka, Russian in wool hat, drunk AF. Whiskey had a sambo, drunk AF.

    I got denied service in Kyoto because I was white. Not just denied, but thrown out.

    I was only allowed to perform certain tasks, ones that didn’t put me in contact with the culture, and they were open about it. Like "yeah, that’s not for gaijin". And forget black employees. In fact, the only jobs I saw for black people in Japan, was street barker trying to lure you into strip bars and hostess clubs were black. And most of them were Afro-Caribbean.

    That was a decade ago, but people don’t believe believe how racist Japan can be. America is light years ahead, despite the rhetoric.

  12. As I grew up in China, I can confirm this.

    When I was 9 years old, I’ve seen people make racist jokes on TV, I remember it was something like "why do black people like eating white chocolate? Because they are afraid of biting their hand"(it was a program for children), at first, I thought they were serious until I turns into a teen. At that moment, I realized that I was highly brainwashed and mostly everything I’ve been taught was a lie.

  13. I taught in China for two years. I am white and Irish, so I didn’t face the racism black teachers did there but I was amazed to see "No Blacks" openly printed in so many adverts for teaching jobs. So this, as the guy says in the video, is a matter of policy, not the prejudice of a few individuals. Racism is something that is everywhere in China, with bike / moped plates having "No dogs / No Japanese" on an astounding number of bikes. It was a learning experience for me being, for the first time in my life treated as a second class citizen. I can only imagine how difficult things were for my black friends.

  14. China has a huge presence in my home country (Philippines). It’s common knowledge here that you would be wasting your time applying to Chinese companies if you don’t look Chinese enough, regardless of your qualifications. It’s worsened by the fact that CVs there typically have pictures of the applicant, so it really just takes one glance for your resume to end up in the trash. Fuck China.

  15. While this video has merits it also has some issues. Many East-Asian nations — as many in the comments have stated — have huge issues with homogeneity being emphasized to the point of discriminatory practices. However, what also needs to be addressed is how China differs on the large scale — for example, how the Black Panther Party was (and I believe still is) viewed highly be Chinese society and vice versa, or how China’s international development has been oriented towards cooperative development and providing self-sufficiency for African nations through the Belt and Road Initiative, as opposed to the debt traps the IMF and World Bank imposed upon African nations during the mid-late 20th century.

    If we’re going to tackle these issues we need to do so with nuance and awareness. We should rightfully criticize homogeneity and discrimination stemming from such, but also understand how it happens. We should also understand why there’s an emphasis on valuing white people over black people in Asian nations, which largely stems from white-supremacy by Western nations that has hindered the economic, political, and social development of African nations and other people of color. We need to understand that younger generations that are more socially progressive in China do take strong issue with racial discrimination seen in China.

  16. Really? Just look at posters for American movies released in China. This is more than obvious. It’s been going on forever. And why not name the companies? And stop supporting American companies that are lining their pockets with Chinese cash.

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