Things they hate

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Things they hate

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  1. So many people, on both sides, scarred for a lifetime by this man. They won’t be able to run from the evidence after this election. His absence will permit recovery (in time) but we must never forget.

  2. I’ve literally now been tempbanned from /r/AskTrumpSupporters twice now for linking to evidence that countered what a supporter was saying. The official reason was that the subreddit isn’t for debate, but… that’s literally what the entirety of the subreddit is.

  3. Of further note:

    This was posted here two hours ago.

    It has probably already been repurposed and circulated on rightwing social media as being about the left.

    You call the right fascist, they call you fascist.

    You call Trump a dictator, he calls Whitmer a dictator.

    90% of their counterarguments is simply "No you."

  4. Dems hate evidence lol that’s why you all cram your fingers in your ears and try ignoring the Ukraine Scandal despite having irrefutable evidence that it’s legit while continuing to push the false “russian disinformation” narrative with no supporting evidence whatsoever. Projection at its finest, Trump 2020, can’t wait to see the meltdown on reddit

  5. Both sides hate evidence that proves they are both messed up parties.

    I mean…who you voting for? Rapist #1 or Rapist #2? There is no moral high ground this election. It’s just a matter of chosing what you can personally live with. It’s all a sham

    • Rapist. Not pedophile
  6. First two are weaknesses third one is just ignored, like unironically go to r/conservative and observe the cognitive dissonance. I have to remind myself those people are serious

  7. Yes! Absolutely. These darn Trump supporters are so stupid it literally blows my mind. Like just look around at the world right now, uhhhh duh! Your evidence is RIGHT THERE. I can’t believe how insanely stupid and uneducated and close minded they can be. Trump is bad, Biden is the future. SCIENCE.

  8. Evidence offfff… What, exactly? All the russiagate documents were declassified, that was all a hoax. The Ukraine call was a dud, the tax returns story was contradicted within the very article that broke it, basically every single "scandal" that Trump has been accused of or involved in turned out to be fabricated, twisted, purposely exaggerated, taken out of context, or all of those four combined. 🤷

    Yet strangely you guys are just as eager to deny the evidence of Biden using his political power to get his son into a shady energy company in Ukraine, or the evidence of the FBI using national security threats as "sources" for the Russiagate story because they had that little leads. Or the evidence of the debate host being active in anti-Trump circles, meaning he’s obviously not an unbiased host like he should be. What about all the evidence about Hillary’s emails? The evidence contained in the Obamagate scandal? What about all the evidence supporting the idea that Biden is totally demented and can’t even string a coherent sentence together?

  9. Both have been accused of rape, am I wrong? I mean Kavanaugh was accused as well and the internet mob hated him even though it was all bunk. Trump could cure cancer and people would still hate him. Guy is a bafoon for sure. Kind of like the drunk uncle at the family reunion. Biden can’t lead worth a shit either. It’s a sad state of affairs really.

    It’s the reality of the matter. There is no moral high ground. Both are bags of poo. So vote what you can stomach.

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