No one went hiking to listen to your shitty music.

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No one went hiking to listen to your shitty music.

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  1. As a kayaker, I can’t express how annoying it is to have finally gotten away from society, only to be assaulted by shitty music from some towny floating by cranking the latest hot new country bullshit complete with annoying radio ads. Yeah, that’s awesome. Nothing says nature like a commercial for the local car dealer. Fuck these people.

    I’m working on outfitting the yak with torpedos.

  2. Can’t agree more. Nothing worse than already being on a crowded trail and then being accosted by loud music. It’s one thing if it’s only one group and it’s the only group you hike past the entire time, but with multiple groups doing it you can barely think with all the noise.

  3. I personally don’t do this, but as someone who frequently hikes in bear country, this is to help alert the bears that you’re coming so you don’t accidentally sneak up on them. I personally use a bear bell and an occasional “hey, bear” if I’m hiking alone, but it the music isn’t obnoxious and louder than it needs to be, it doesn’t bother me.

    With that said, if you are hiking where you don’t have to worry about bears, you’re an asshole if you do this.

  4. Camelback Mountain in Phoenix has a sign saying not to do this and if you do it you are a bad person…. yet people do it all the time… WTF….. who thinks this is ok?

  5. I walked past a woman herding a few young kids down the path and her phone was blaring some Billy Joel song. I judged her.

    As I passed she looked at me and said "I’m so, so, sorry- but this is the only way I’ve been able to keep them from singing Baby Shark nonstop!"

    I unjudged her.

    Edit: The look on her face was part of unjudging- clearly she knew it was a faux pas. It was a look of someone at her wit’s end with her kids. I laughed and figured getting young kids on a trail was worth bending the rules a bit.

  6. I learned as a kid that you should not disturb others. Being first to small unknown nature spot made it okay to play some music. If you aren’t first or it is a common spot, then show respect.

    Also, one of the best parts with music is that it is different from other music. That means that no one else/few other likes your music. So buy some fucking headphones if you are at a public place.

  7. I will never understand these "cool" people walking alone wirh blasting speakers. if they want to listen alone they should use headphones and keep the speakers for home or groups that sit somewhere far away and prty

  8. The lake that I sail on has these waterskiing boats that are candy apple metalflake painted with bright dayglo graphics and huge speakers…you get one boat blasting country and another one blasting hip hop it can ruin a quiet relaxing sailing trip real quick…

  9. Probably an unpopular opinion: Whats annoying to me is that people think that they can set standards for the way someone is supposed to act WHILE THEY ARE OUTSIDE. There’s a reason they call it your outside voice and it because you can be as loud and say whatever the fuck you want. Being a nuisance is annoying but thats the beauty of the outside- u can go somewhere else AND STILL BE OUTSIDE & ENJOY YOUR DAY 🙂

  10. So annoying. I was in the line the other day at the store and the woman behind me was listening to her phone like it was a boombox. Standing around, bouncing back and forth. When did this become a trend?

  11. Almost every weekend I go mountain biking there’s some chode blasting dubstep from a backpack speaker as he flies down beginner trails blindly around corners at 15mph. At least other people can probably hear them coming but still

  12. I spent 7 years in Colorado and went hiking probably over 100 times. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do this. That’s beyond fucking rude in a place where you’re trying to experience nature and wilderness. That pisses me off even more than douchebags with extra loud, rumbly motorcycles. If you want music headphones are way more convenient.

  13. So so true. Me and my friends hiked Ben Nevis this summer, in a break from our usual chaotic city lives in London. But every 2nd group of hikers would be carrying some enormous Bluetooth speaker playing shitty grime or what have you. It was so peaceful up there, so beautiful, but every time we passed a group like that it just took your mind out of the beautiful scenery and back to shit head city life.

  14. People walking in parks with blue tooth speakers blaring are a new form of cancer I’d like eliminated.

    It used to only be the hip hop assholes but now I see this in every age group.

    Eat shit all of you.

  15. Just listen to music on your veranda or on your yacht. Music travels for tens of feet when you are outdoors and some people may be briefly inconvenienced as they pass by. I’m sure everyone has a private residence where they can listen to music loudly without inconveniencing neighbors or cohabitants. Unless you are one of those poor people who live in a small apartment with roommates or family or something. In that case, get a job and buy some land pleb, because you and your loud ass music is not welcomed anywhere in public. That’s not something you are ever allowed to experience.

  16. I went on a hike on Saturday, and was passed by some jackass on a bike blaring some of the shittiest techno i ever heard from a surprisingly loud speaker.

    Shitty techno as in a late 90s kid show where someone got sucked into a computer and had to fight a virus.

    We were going up a pretty steep hill so we were in his audio fart cloud for far too long. Fuck that guy

  17. For real! Fuck all y’all that do this. I’m trying to get high and enjoy nature and smell the fresh air and shit… I don’t want to hear fucking imagine dragons or whatever the fuck bullshit people who hike with Bluetooth speakers listen to.

  18. In bear country fuck you I’m playing music. The last thing I want is to surprise a bear, again. Shits scary and I got lucky it was a black bear without Cubs. It’s either music or I’m I’m hanging Bells on my bag and trust me those are actually a lot louder. This is what is actually recommended by park rangers here. A few trails actually require you to have Bells or similar noise making devices on you when on the trails.

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