Makes me feel old

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Makes me feel old

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  1. Omg yes. I never even thought about this. This was me in my late teens until i got my fast internet now. I would wait until night time / before bed ~ leave my pc on overnight , go out and do my life things and come back and be like 3 hours left on the download

  2. Definitely a better sensation the first time I put Super Mario Bros 3 in my NES in 1989 than waiting for massive day 1 patches to play right away for games today.

  3. Cyberpunk 2077 comes out on the 10th. I’m off the 10th. Meaning i gotta spend most the day downloading it and then calibrating the options and run a couple personal benchmarks.

    By the time that’s done my fiancé will probably be wanting some of my attention. Then i work 3 days in a row, 12 hour shifts. Then two days of where i gotta catch up on the responsibilities of things i couldn’t do while working.

    Then I gotta do 2 more days of work.

    Then finally on the 18th i’ll be able to sit down for the weekend and play it while my fiancé is at work.

  4. My brother and I woke our dad up at 1:00 in the morning on Christmas so he could set up our new GameCube. We spent the entire rest of the morning alternating between playing Wave Race Bluestorm and Luigi’s Mansion. One of the best Christmases ever.

  5. I recently bought a PS4 cause a lot of the games I’ve been wanting to play aren’t on switch or not made for Xbox 360 (my most recent console), one of which was COD WWII (huge wwii nerd, had to play it). So I bought the PS4, RDRII, the show, a golf game, and CODWWII. Plugged everything in, put in WWII, and was greeted with a 32GB update I had to install before being able to play even the single player. I live in a rural area and my internet is veeery weak (Verizon hotspots on data-caps weak)

    I didn’t get to play that game for 8 days.

    I eventually ordered an HDMI conversion for my N64 so I could play goldeneye 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I do not own a console so I have no experience with how these devices download content. How long does it typically take? Does it take longer than downloading a PC game?

  7. I still remember the frustration of getting banjo tooie and having to read the instruction booklet for two days as we were snowed in at my grandfather’s acreage. Of course now I realize how lucky I was to spend that time with him but back then it was torture!

  8. Oh man, this is making me nostalgic for getting the Sega fort Xmas one year. My parents had already set it up in the basement so they just have each of us kids a game. I got a Star Trek game and it made my life. Only negative was having to share it with 4 of my siblings lol (thankfully the 5th sibling was too young to play or care)

  9. My son’s Switch was 100% ready to go for him last year *dad flex*.

    Santa is getting me a Switch Lite this year – but my wife wants me to pretend it’s a surprise, so there is no pre-setting it up for me. *sad dad unflex*

  10. A few years ago I got my spouse a PS4 and took it out carefully and downloaded all the games and updates then put everything back wrapped in the way it came, like wires bound and sealed back in the bag, games back in the plastic, since he loves opening things out of the packaging too. It took hours to get everything open, downloaded, and back in exactly as they were packed but it was worth it when he didn’t notice I had already opened everything and realized he could play it right out of the box like the old consoles when we got it hooked up.

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