How far is too far for the gaming industry?

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How far is too far for the gaming industry?

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  1. I was playing Cyberpunk and thought "Why doesn’t someone make an ingame streaming service where I can watch shows set in the game universe." Then I thought "nah they’ll fuck it up"

  2. I mean honestly people let Activision get away with some pretty nuts microtransactions. Especially when they add guns to warzone and call of duty that are utterly broken, Rockstar is super bad as well.

  3. For games with Microtransactions. I literally wait for a game to drop to $20-$30 before I buy them. A game that I would have played the full price for if it promised to not shove any of the In game purchases / game as a service stuff.

  4. I pay 60 for a game, why should I pay 20 more?
    Up until the ps3/XBox 360 era, I could have unlocked what is today in game purchase for free as post game content smh

  5. Honestly after playing a mobile game when I can’t play on my PC, specifically a Chinese mobile game, it makes just about any MTX that you see on console/PC games feel like nothing. The highest VIP level in the mobile game costs $20,000 USD, and tons of people have it. I’ve spent a little on that game but nowhere near some of these people.

    Basically it puts it into perspective that it can always be more costly lol. I don’t mind paying 5-15 for a skin or something but once it starts being pay to win it becomes a problem

  6. I haven’t bought a game since microtransactions became mainstream. We’ve had so many great games for years that I’d rather replay old games than support today’s predatory business model.

  7. I know the post isn’t referring to app games, but I feel those have some of the worst micro transactions ever.

    Sure, the game is free, but that’s only so it will be easily downloaded. And eventually, the game tries to get the player hooked on loot boxes, skipping waiting times and getting a very useful (and sometimes necessary) power up, and whatever else the game wants you to do.

    So some players (who can usually be kids) want to make the game easier or build that base (and skip the waiting time for it) that involves the in game currency, which you can buy with real money, with as much as $100 at a time. That really gets me mad at these greedy games. A normal non-greedy triple A game can cost around $60, and that’s it. Maybe there might be a DLC or two, but never over the $100 mark. While I’m free app games, they want players to continue buying as much money as they can spend for their addiction that the game tries so hard to give you

    So yeah, I absolutely hate these games with every fiber of my body

  8. I just feel slightly heart broken how greedy the gaming community has become.. unfinished games, full price and full of bugs and they have the cheek to put in game purchases on top of all that.

  9. If you could get all the drugs in a $60 bundle that’d be a sweet deal; if you got some drugs but then had to pay for more drugs with premium drug currency that you had to pay real money for despite the fact that are already hooked on said drug, well that’d be pretty close what drug dealers do now.

  10. Nothing fucks with your immersion like in-game shops and purchases. Or in multiplayer when most of your team looks like hardened military personnel and your last guy is a fucking clown with big floppy shoes and music that follows him around.

  11. It’ll never be too far, young kids are in the generation where it’s normal to pay micro transactions, I can’t see it stopping or being too far people to stop buying into gaming or games, correct me if my views wrong please!

  12. Because "In-Game Purchases" are actually purchases with real world money. If a game had real world sex, drugs, and violence, I think people would also be upset.

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