Donald Trump being an ideal bible man

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Donald Trump being an ideal bible man

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  1. Trump has 5 children from 3 wives. He cheated on his first wife with what would later become his 2nd wife, and he cheated on his 3rd wife with a pornstar he paid for sex and not telling anyone about it, while his 3rd wife was recovering from giving birth to his 5th child.
    He also said several times that he would possibly be dating his daughter if they weren’t related, commented on her breasts and ass, barged into the changing room of underage women, bragged about grabbing women by their genitals without consent and has at least 27 independant allegations of sexual assault by 27 different women against him since the 70s.
    All of this while married, of course.
    Now there’s a man of family values!

  2. Jordan Kepler is becoming a national treasure. I like Trevor Noah, a lot, but he didn’t fill the a hole left behind by John Stewart. I think Jordan does.

    Specifically, their commentary is a quiet precision of wit and wisdom and they both have an amazing ability to let the ridiculousness of American politics speak for itself while making you laugh instead of cry.

  3. Watch ‘Trump: An American Dream’ on Netflix, and you’ll see him say, in a TV interview, on camera, that he ‘prefers women who haven’t given birth’ over his then-wife, mother of his kids. It’s on the record.

  4. I still really don’t understand how religious people can possibly believe Trump is in any way a religious man. My best guess is their pastors told them to vote Trump so they do.

  5. I kinda regret not planning on going home for Thanksgiving and probably Christmas (my mom went into assisted living in August and can only talk through a glass window with visitors) just to ask my Trump-worshiping family back in SC this question:

    >"So, you will support any candidate just as long as they against abortion and everything associated with it, right? They can’t even be against abortion personally but say it’s an individual choice so they are pro-choice, yes?"

    >"Well, why did you vote for Trump after he knowingly accepted treatment for his COVID that was made with fetal tissue? Or does he get a pass because of everything else he has done? And if he gets a pass, just how many abortions can he benefit from before it’s too many? Two? Five? Sixteen?"

    This is a variation on something I ask if someone is enthusiastic supporter of the death penalty: how many innocent people being murdered by their government is too many? Because at this point, it’s pretty clear Texas has murdered at least a few dozen innocent people who were the victims of racist cops.

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