Conservative logic is weird

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Conservative logic is weird

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  1. A mask is a rights infringement because it tells person A to do something to save person B.

    Outlawing abortion is not a rights infringement because the rightful state of a woman is pregnant and unhappy about it.


  2. They think abortion is baby murder. If they earnestly believe that, the situations are not parallel for them.

    I’m pro choice, but this meme gets things wrong. It’s not a case of conflicting logic for them. It’s that they have a completely different understanding of reality when it comes to abortion.

  3. I’m pro-mask and pro-choice, but I wish these comparisons would stop since there’s a reasonable answer from their perspective so it just fuels division.

    To them, abortion is killing a baby and masks are not significantly useful in preventing the spread of covid. They not feel any conflict here.

    In both cases, they are ignoring/denying the actual science behind it, but that’s pretty much where the comparison stops.

    I’d also bet in reality the overlap of anti-abortion and anti-mask people are actually pretty small.

  4. We gonna keep doing this?

    Okay, fine.

    Because these people literally believe the uterus
    could contain an actual person. And if that uterine person can be afforded the same rights as a normal, viable, independent person, then it’s morally consistent to curtail the rights of the person upon whom that non-viable person relies. Just like a parent doesn’t have the liberty to abuse and neglect their infant, these people believe a mother doesn’t have the right to do willful harm to the fetal mini-person inside them.

    Imagine you were wearing a special spacesuit. This spacesuit is connected to the spacesuit of another person, and they don’t have their own life support system – they rely on the water and oxygen and power of your suit entirely. You can Maybe you didn’t choose this arrangement, maybe you got hooked up like this by accident. Maybe you were even forced into this arrangement. Maybe this relationship causes you great stress, effort, pain, hardship. Maybe this relationship will continue to stress you in the future. All these things are potentially valid. Regardless, what matters is they are reliant on your suit to live. Can you cut the cord? It’s your spacesuit after all! Do you have a responsibility to remain connected to that person, giving them life support, for 9 months? In this hypothetical scenario, the answer is clear: in most ethical and legal interpretations, you’re on the hook. You gotta keep the spacesuits connected, you don’t have the right to deprive that other person of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, just because they would die without your help. Just like a legal guardian is legally obligated, at the expense of their personal liberties, to care for a child, you would be legally obligated to not cut the chord.

    So long as a fetus is considered to be a legal, valid "person" living inside another person, then infringement of rights is very much merited.

    I know it’s zany. It’s impractical. It’s inequitable. It’s an obtuse philosophical interpretation that neglects prudent social policy for blind moral adherence. And yet… that’s where a lot of these pro-life people are coming from.

    Edit: If you’re downvoting me because you think I’m anti-abortion rights, you need to re-read my post. If you’re downvoting because I did a shit job of explaining the pro-life perspective on fetal personhood, that may well be valid 😅

  5. My county judge just passed a mandate to fine any poll worker $1000 for turning away maskless voters.

    So they don’t want us voting by mail.. and now the only place you can vote, can now have as many maskless people as they want.

    Glad I voted early.

  6. I hate conservatives like this they make us look bad. The core tenet to conservatism is self responsibility, I don’t believe the government is responsible to take care of me, and I believe in smaller government and less taxes.

  7. Every time I see a pro-abortion person insult the pro-life position, it just makes it abundantly clear that the pro-abortion crowd does not understand pro-life people whatsoever.

    They oppose abortion because they believe that killing babies is wrong. There is almost no argument in the world that would be able to justify killing an innocent baby. Not "but I can’t afford to raise it" or "but I didn’t want to get pregnant" or "the condom failed" or "society is better off if you kill the deformed people so they don’t live a life of suffering" or anything else.

    Pro-life people see you defending killing babies and they think you are a Godless monster. If you want to make any progress convincing them to support abortion, the only way you can do so is by convincing them that a fetus is not a human being yet.

    Any other avenue of approach is a waste of your time.

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