Almost Flipped Me…Then the driver lied about who was driving the car because of their insurance. Didn’t realize I had a cam…

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  1. Look my friend, there are two or three pedals at your feet there. Let‘s concentrate on the two right ones. Clearly you know how to use the right one. The left one of the two also has a purpose. This pedal makes your car go less fast. Imagine that? It‘s like magic! You press this pedal (some call it a brake pedal) and you don‘t have to crash into people! Ain‘t that some crazy technology?

    On a more serious note: he was the idiot for cutting you off but you are the idiot for fucking ACCELERATING into him.

  2. Ya but actually gave them space… kind of your fault not directly but because of your driving habit of giving someone enough room… then accelerating late.

  3. It’s easy to criticise this guy for not avoiding the accident, but the critics have the benefit of watching it on video when they already know something is about to happen. In real life you don’t have that luxury.

  4. If you’re ever browsing this sub and wondering “how are there so many dumb drivers out there?” Just come to this comment section and observe a nice little sample platter of the people with whom you share the road.

    Everyone blaming OP for this is a fucking idiot.

  5. Whenever I see one of these posts where the offending driver and passenger trade roles "for insurance reasons", I have to wonder: Who in the heck would be stupid enough to take the insurance hit for a driving mistake they didn’t make?

  6. Looks like that black Honda Pilot was going straight in the right only lane into white Toyota and red trucks lane causing white Toyota to swerve recklessly, so it’s a 2 for 1 idiot.

  7. For all of the people that are saying he accelerated into the white car, he was already accelerating before the car even switched lanes. By no way is this his fault

  8. Why don’t people use videos as a learning lesson instead of blaming people for something as dumb as not braking. Remember you are watching a 3rd party video you can watch multiple times slow down and pause to think of what the right decision is. In real time things are much different.

  9. Wow this comment section is bizarre.

    I don’t see crazy acceleration here – we’ve all seen videos where the driver technically in the right accelarates and willfully allows the accident to happen. Not the case here. Going a very normal speed for someone just going straight.

    Having a faster braking time/reaction? Can’t really judge as it happens so fast here,.and you don’t expect the person on your right to just smash into you lol

    I count less than two seconds from when the white car is simply going straight to when it’s going in the other lane. Not sure I would have reacted fast enough to brake in time either.

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